Small Fast Fuel Cell
Harbor Craft
The Worlds First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Small Fast Harbor Craft
Under Development
On-Board Technology
ZEI Powersystem (V1)
ZEI Fueling Interface (V1)
ZEI Fueling Truck (V0)
The Small Fast Harbor Craft Project will showcase a new marinized ZEI hydrogen power system, it will in fact be the most powerful operationally diverse zero emission powertrain in maritime history. The powertrain consists of a state-of-the-art hydrogen storage system, fuel cell power system, safety system, control and automation system allowing for a powertrain with increased range, simple maintenance, and no emissions.

Vessels of this size have a wide variety of uses: patrol, fire/rescue, fishing, pilot, excursion, ferry/taxi, and recreation. There are, however, few, if any, viable zero emission solutions for this market. The modular scalable powertrain showcased in this project will meet this critical need for the market as a whole.

Additionally, the Small Fast Harbor Craft showcase will develop Zero Emission Industry’s portable refueling infrastructure, a technological breakthrough which will solve the fundamental challenge of refueling hydrogen powertrains safely and economically, a barrier that has hindered greater hydrogen fuel cell implementation.

Project Partners