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Revolutionizing the Transition to
Zero Emission Hydrogen Power

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TheZEP 250
The Only Complete Solution for
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power in Maritime

The ZEP 250 is Flipping the Script On Installing Fuel Cell Power for Maritime

Today, if you want to install a purchased fuel cell module onto your vessel it requires


separate engineering and installation steps

And technical systems expertise in


Different engineering fields

*Not even including operating and safety procedures!

The ZEP 250 can do that in



Without any required system expertise

Zero Emissions

Delivering Unmatched System Benefits

The ZEP 250 leverages novel system features to bring benefits to the customer unlike anything available in the market today


Better Performance


Less Expensive


Faster Deployment for Shipbuilders and Vessel Owners

Purpose Built For Maritime

Built from the ground up to provide commercial hydrogen fuel cell viability for maritime, the ZEP 250's design is intentional in achieving the technical and regulatory needs of maritime.

The ZEP 250 will meet your operational needs

Pick your Power

Designed around 250 kW blocks, your system can be incremented from a single block up to multi-megawatts of total power output.

Flexible Fueling

Utilizing the most abundant element in the universe, our team will help you fuel from any gaseous hydrogen source.

Match Storage Needs

Preassembled plug-and-play hydrogen storage blocks allow our team to simply scale up your storage to any desired capacity.

Transition to a world of zero emissions

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Major System Features:


Our system can scale from single 250kW power output to stacked multi-megawatt systems on a single vessel.
Our system can also scale onboard hydrogen storage depending on operational needs.


No hydrogen expertise is required to install or operate our power system.
Designed with simplified connections and simple and predictive maintenance, our system removes extra time and cost involved with installing and operating a hydrogen power system.


Developed to remove operational failure points, our system has continuous monitoring and automatic hardware shutoff in emergency scenarios.

IoT Connected

Our system enables remote monitoring and real time operational intelligence of the power system.


Our system can be distributed across the vessel removing the need for an "engine room" and allowing for unique and fully redesigned vessel layouts.

Zero Emissions

With hydrogen as its only input and heat energy and water so clean you can drink it, Our System produces the power required for maritime applications with no emissions.


Cruise ships
Crew Transfer Vessels
Pilot Vessels
Offshore vessels
Windfarm Vessels
Tug boats
Push boats
Fishing vessels
Port equipment
Recreational Watercraft
Container Ships

Pre-approved system design

Planned for Class Approval

DNV-GL, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, and/or ClassNK

Hazardous Areas

Electronics approved and tested to IEC 60079 standards

Vibration and Shock

IEC 60068-2-6

Pitch and Roll

+/- 30 degrees

Hydrogen Piping

ASME B31.12, CGA G-5.5

Hydrogen Components

EC79 or UN/ECE R134

Hydrogen Tanks

EC79, UN/ECE R134, and/or HGV-2

What About Fueling?

ZEI can help with that

The Zero Emission Industries team is committed to supporting the procurement and fueling of hydrogen for ZEP 250 customers. Our novel fueling solutions and knowledge of the hydrogen landscape will significantly simplify and cheapen your fueling experience.

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